Client: Discovery Gateway Children's Museum
Project: At Discovery Gateway children's museum, I had the opportunity to turn a small, old exhibit space into a Sensory Room and Social Story exhibit for children on the autism spectrum. Because this was a room for all children, and specifically who were nonverbal, I thought it was important that the graphic identity used big icons of seeing, touching, and hearing--all senses they would experience in the room. It was important to emphasize how much we wanted them to touch and experience every part of it. The room was designed with boxes with different textures inside, plasma balls, vibrating marble wall, thermo-sensitive panels, and a bubble machine to help children regulate their sensory nervous system. The exterior window was covered with artwork of star constellations to be able to control the lighting and cut out the star areas so that it felt like a real nightime sky for more visual interest. The social stories corner uses both ipad interactives and physically interactive stories about safety and every day social skills to help kids visualize how to do important things in their every day life in story format. 
Role: 3D & 2D Designer, Art Director, Project Manager
Illustration by Eric Evans

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