Client: Discovery Gateway Children's Museum
Business Cards // AIGA SLC 100 Copper Ingot Award //
Folder Design // Vermont Design Awards Merit Award //
Project: Through hands-on, imaginative play Discovery Gateway introduces children and their families to the arts and sciences, as well as to social, emotional, and physical development. As a leader in DG's in-house marketing communications department, I chose to center DG's brand on this core message to reinforce the concept to the public. The business cards feature our four main kids with a flap to open their imaginations. Each staff member gets all 4 kids to use. The folder features a rainbow pattern and cut-out cloud pockets as well as a place for our whimsical business cards featuring energetic, enthusiastic, and diverse kids whose minds are bursting with great ideas, inventions, and dreams after visiting Discovery Gateway's inspiring exhibits and programs. The folder also features a quote from Albert Einstein about the value of play and imagination.
Role: Art Director, Designer
Illustration by Celeste Smith

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