Project: Move It! Exhibit Design + Branding
Client: Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum
Role: Creative Director

Move It! is an inside early childhood exhibit space created to educate families about the importance of physical activities for growing bodies as well as make a space to allow kids to run around, get energy out, and develop gross motor skills. At the time, this was a large space that the Museum was not using. Our budget was under $3k to develop, design, build, and print everything.

The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum tasked me with overseeing the look and feel as well as the overall exhibit layout. I worked with the internal exhibits team to build new pieces as well as utilize existing pieces such as a dig pit, a donated color run mirrored pyramid tunnel, and exercise equipment to make an engaging, bright, fun space. The museum also added daily yoga programming to the space. SkyCycle was an exhibit that was added outside the museum. This interactive encouraged visitors to ride a bike balanced on a high wire. The experience explored physics and kept bodies moving. We wanted that exhibit to have a visual connection to the Move It exhibit. Since this was a separate paid experience, I also designed separate ads for the SkyCycle experience.

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