Children's Museum Entrance Redesign

Client: Discovery Gateway Children's Museum
Project: As Creative Director, I led a team compiled of exhibit design consultants and inhouse employees in the Museum redesign process. We wanted to address wayfinding to the actual entrance of the Museum and emphasize the fact that we were a children's museum and our playful, interactive brand. We made our 2D DG kid with a mind that is bursting with great ideas, inventions, and dreams into a 3D version.
Rainbow graphics on the stairs with the entire alphabet A-Z leading the visitors up the stairs from the ground entrance. We also created 3D replications of ball tubes, clouds, gears, bees--similar to the illlustration--that would then wrap around the existing entrance space to create a fun and playful way into the Museum. The windows were designed with Duratrans of large flower xrays that children get to explore with magnifying glasses and explore the relationship between art and science. Other pieces also included kaleidoscope telescopes, a donation box redesign, a large wayfinding map on the interior walls, and finding a way to move people through the store when they want to exit the Museum.
Role: Project Manager and Designer
Before photo

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